Schemes sanctioned for the year 2019-2020

                                                 Scheme assistance is provided to the farmers and silk reeling entrepreneurs involved in Sericulture industry for the following basic amenities required for silkworm rearing and silk reeling.

·        For planting high yielding mulberry varieties.

·        For installing drip irrigation system in mulberry garden.

·        For the construction of separate silkworm rearing house.

·        For the procurement of improved silkworm rearing equipments.

         For the establishment of Chawkie Rearing Centres.

         For the establishment of Seri Policlinic  

         For the establishment of Multiend Silk Reeling Units.

        Provision of training to farmers in Mulberry cultivation and silkworm rearing.

        Provision of training to Silk Reeling Workers /Reeling entreprenuers

         Insurance coverage for silworm crop and assets.

                                                Government of TamilNadu Sanctioned  Rs. 1791.00 lakhs for implementation Sericulture Scheme Components such as Planting high yielding  mulberry varieties, installation of drip irrigation system, construction of separate rearing houses, procurement of improved rearing equipments etc., during 2017 -18 under STATE PLAN


                I- STATE PLAN

                Eligibility of Farmers :   For availing scheme assistance,

a)  The farmers have to plant high yielding mulberry varieties.

b)  The farmers have to rear bivoltine silkworm races.

c)  Farmers who have own land, have an assured source of water, and experience in silkworm rearing.

d)  Application in prescribed format to be submitted through departmental staff of the technical service centre, servicing in the concerned jurisdiction.

a) Subsidy for high yielding Mulberry

Unit cost (per acre -5000 mulberry plants)        :           Rs. 14000 / acre

State. Share (75%)                                               :          Rs. 10500/-

Beneficiary share(25%)                                       :           Rs. 3500/-

            Total Subsidy                                                         :           Rs. 10500/-

(All new farmers are eligible to avail subsidy. maximum eligibilty upto 5 Acre /  (Rs.52,500/-.

b) Installation of Drip irrigation system

Unit cost  (per acre)                :           Rs. 30000/ acre

State Share. (100%)                :           Rs. 30000/-

Total     Subsidy                      :           Rs. 30000/-

           Small and Marginal farmers are eligible to avail subsidy @Rs.30000 per acre; incase of big farmer subsidy will be Rs.22500 per acre. Maximum eligibilty  per farmer is 5 acres.

c) Construction of rearing shed - level -I

Unit cost                                      :           Rs. 2,75,000/-

State share(30%)                       :           Rs. 82500/-

Total subsidy                             :            Rs. 82,500/-

Beneficiary share(70%)          :         Rs. 1,92,500/-

Rearing Shed - level - II

Unit Cost                                 :           Rs.1,75,000/-

State Share (50%)                 :           Rs.87,500/-

Total subsidy                          :           Rs. 87,500/-

Beneficiary share (50%)          :        Rs.87,500/-

Rearing Shed - level - III

Unit Cost                                 :           Rs.90,000/-

State Share (70%)                 :          Rs.63,000/-

Total subsidy                          :           Rs. 63,000/-

Beneficiary share (30%)       :        Rs.27,000/-

d) Procurement of improved rearing equipments

Unit cost                                 :           Rs. 70,000/-

State share(75%)                 :           Rs. 52,500/-

Total subsidy                        :            Rs. 52,500/-

Beneficiary share(25%)      :            Rs. 17,500/-


                                                    Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India has stopped financial assistance given under Catalytic Development Programme and restricted it as Central Sector Scheme with limited assistance as detailed below :-

            a) Beneficiary Empowerment Programme (BEP)                      

             Unit cost  :                                  Rs. 7000/-        

CSB Share (100%)                   Rs. 7000/-              

Total    Subsidy                           Rs. 7000/-  

          b) Establishment of Chawkie Rearing Centres                             

             Unit cost  :                                  Rs. 12,00,000/-        

CSB Share(50%)                      Rs. 6,00,000/-              

Total    Subsidy                           Rs. 6,00,000/-            

Beneficiary share(50%)            Rs. 6, 00,000/- 

c)  Establishment of Seri Ployclinic 

           Unit cost                                           :        Rs. 1, 75,000/-

Central Silk Board (50%)             :        Rs. 87,500/-

Total Subsidy                                 :        Rs. 87,500/-

Beneficiary  share (50%)              :        Rs.    87,500/-                            :         - 


 d)  Incentive for Production of Bivoltine Silk 

             Unit cost (Per Kg.)                     :        Rs. 150/-

Central Silk Board (100%)        :        Rs. 150/-

Total Subsidy                              :        Rs. 150/-

Total Bivoltine Silk (25,000 Kgs.)     :        Rs. 37.50 lakhs





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