Multiend Reeling

            Raw silk reeling is a set of processes, which aims at efficient extraction of silk filament from cocoons. It is a process of combining number of ends of the cocoon filaments together to form a single thread of desired denier. Silk reeling is carried out with the reeling devices viz, Charka, Cottage basin and Multiend reeling machines. Multiend reeling machine is a suitable reeling device to produce gradable raw silk economically under Indian conditions.  

             Multiend reeling machine is an improved machine over that of cottage basin having 10 ends as against 6 ends in the Cottage basins. It is also provided with a jetteboutes for easy attachment and maintenance of denier of silk. Unlike cottage basin the speed of machine is fixed as constant, unlike that of cottage basin it will improve the tenacity and elongation, cohesion of the silk. The croissure pulley are arranged in improved way so as the length of the croissure is not less than 1.5 to 2.0 cm to improve the cohesion strength of the filament. The optimum speed 120 to 150 mts per minute enable the reelers to produce required denier silk with less average size deviation and less number of breakages. The individual reel stop motion device provided in the machine helps the reeler to increase the productivity. Quality raw silk with required denier with less breakages better cohesion, better elongation can be produced in the multiend reeling machines.

            The multivoltine and multibivoltine cocoon can be used for production of quality raw silk in the machine. The usage of steam boiler in cooking and re-reeling improves the quality of silk and reduce the cost of fuel. Quality gradable silk of 2A to 3A grade can be produced by using this machine.

            Multiend reeling machine developed by CSTRI, Bangalore is an improved version of the cottage basin and is a suitable reeling device to produce gradable quality raw silk economically under Indian conditions. In addition to multiend reeling machine, good quality raw material, proper process parameters, proper post reeling operations and required water quality are essential to obtain the gradable silk.