Factors influencing Quality Silk  Production


            Raw silk reeling is a set of processes, which aims at efficient extraction of silk filament from cocoons. It is a process of combining number of ends of the cocoon filaments together to form a single thread of desired denier. Silk reeling is carried out with the reeling devices viz, Charka, Cottage basin and Multiend reeling machines. Multiend reeling machine is a suitable reeling device to produce gradable raw silk economically under Indian conditions. Important factors which have a direct bearing of productivity and quality of silk are as follows.

1.  Raw material quality : Cocoon characteristics like race, size, shape, built, reliability, filament denier, length, etc.,

2.   Processing parameters adopted for stifling, cooking, reeling and re-reeling.

3.   Machinery / devices : Machinery / devices used for drying, cooking, reeling and re-reeling processes

4.   Water quality : Water source, and water’s characteristics

5.   Human skill: Human skill involved in manual and mechanical operations