Cottage basin Reeling / Domestic basin Reeling


            Cottage basin reeling is an improved technology over that of charka system, where in cooking process is separated from reeling process. Silk is reeled on small reels first and then re-reeled on bigger reels to improve the winding quality.

            Some of the practices, which are in vogue in cottage reeling, are discussed in the following paragraphs.

1.  Stifling of cocoons play a role in production of quality silk yarn. Cocoons stifled by steam generate lot of slugs during reeling leading to reduction in  reeling efficiency and quality of silk.

2.   Open pan cooking leads to production of poor quality silk.

3.  High-speed reeling affects the uniformity and elongation characteristics of raw silk.

4.  Many of the cottage basin reelers are not introducing required croissure   length, which results in poor cohesion and tenacity of raw silk.

5. Usually, reeling basin water temperature is not maintained uniformly throughout the reeling process. This affects cleanness, reeling efficiency and reelability.

6.  Re-reeling is also carried out at very high speed. This results in improper drying of silk leading to gum spots.