Apart from this various other amusement activities are present for entertaining the kids and adults are described below.

1.       There are many 3-D arts in the arena like Silkworm presenting the gift on a stage, waterfalls, a girl taking water from the pond. The visitors can enjoy them by taking photographs which resembles naturally.


1.       Food Court: The visitors can refresh according to their needs.


2.       Snake Pendulum: It comprises of about 15 balls hanging on the same length, once the the power has on, the balls swings straightly, but when time passes on the swings like a snake and not in straight line.

Gravity well: The two steel balls are rotated over the surface slowly on the corner, but when it reaches the center position, the radius of the circle of the balls are reduced and rotation becomes much faster due the gravitational force in center.

1.       Infinity Well:  When the light is on, the interior wall seems to go deeper and deeper like a well.

1.       Optical illusion. There is one photograph has been stuck on wall, when we closely watch it and move means, the images seems to move along with us because of the process of  optical illusion. (Moving Panorama)

1.       Magical appearance hall: In this there are six monitors are mounted on the wall. These monitors will displays the Thrilling 3-D video about Tsunami and Shark fish attacking which plays for almost 12 mins. This will have an wonderful feelings.

1.       There are many entertainment activities for kids are there in this center.

The people visiting Seritourist center will have wonderful and everlasting memories in their mind about the Sericultural activities and its awareness.